Please note: this information is for residents who need to dispose of used medical sharps. If you find a discarded syringe on public land, please report it immediately.

Report discarded needles, sharps and drug related items

Medical sharps include syringes ("needles") used by Dorset residents for administering prescribed medication for various conditions. 

Residents with medical sharps should ensure they are kept in a sealed sharps box. The box can then be returned to GP’s surgeries for safe disposal.

Drug related sharps should be taken to a pharmacy that provides a needle exchange service. A list of needle exchange pharmacies can be found on Public Health Dorset’s locations of service delivery page. Please use the drop-down menus to select your postal town to filter the list to exchanges near you.

If you cannot get your sharps to a surgery or needle exchange, please contact the Dorset Council Waste Services directly via e-mail or by calling 01305 221040 to discuss your options.

You shouldn't put used needles or other sharps:

  • in your household waste, recycling bin or any other general rubbish bin
  • in a container that's no longer needed, such as a drinks can or bottle

Needles can cause injuries. Used needles can carry blood-borne viruses that may be passed on to other people.