Why I work for Dorset Council

I began working in Dorset Council in August 2020, originally with the business support team with Children’s services. My background and degree are in HR & Recruitment so when the opportunity to move to HR came about in March 2021 I knew it was the area I wanted to get back into.

The flexibility within our team is excellent, you have autonomy over your work and there is an understanding and respect that people have commitments outside of their day jobs, allowing them to work flexibly where possible.

What I enjoy most within my role is building relationships and rapport with the managers and employees you regularly interact with, offering solutions, guidance and support across the varied services that make up Dorset Council ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

The role often presents new challenges and learning opportunities. There is always a colleague on hand to get advice from and share knowledge, especially when dealing when complex problems you may encounter.