Local Lettings Plans (LLPs) are agreed local plans for the allocation and letting of homes within an agreed community / location or across a type of property. These are agreed between the council and the housing associations.

The criteria required under the LLP will be identified on the property adverts and verified. Where a LLP is being operated adverts will be labelled to provide preference to some households, such as social housing tenants wishing to transfer or those requiring ground floor accommodation as a result of medical needs.

An offer can be withdrawn or refused if evidence comes to light which means the household does not meet the LLP criteria.

Each area has its own LLPs in place for certain developments:

  • Blandford Magistrates Court Development – Blandford
  • Brixeys Lane – Wareham
  • Curtis Fields, Chickerell Road – Weymouth
  • Glynville Close, Colehill
  • Hereford Road and Bedford Road – Weymouth
  • Littlemoor – Weymouth
  • Mampitts/Pembroke Gate/The Maltings Developments – Shaftesbury
  • Milldown development – Blandford
  • Paris Court, Gillingham
  • Pines Court, East Street Flats and Bakers Corner Development - Blandford
  • Poundbury Area
  • Princess and Alexandra Road – Bridport
  • Prospect Farm – Swanage
  • Radipole Court – Weymouth
  • Union Court and Portmore Gardens – Weymouth
  • Vindelis – Weymouth
  • Waters Edge, Wimborne