Keeping your home clean and tidy helps keep you safe and healthy. There are things you can do to make it easier for you.

Make tidying and cleaning easier

You can make tidying and cleaning the house yourself easier. 

There are companies that sell items that let you clean with less bending. Others sell technology that does some of the cleaning for you.

Make cleaning easier by:

Get help with cleaning your home

You may find it hard to clean and tidy, even if you can do other jobs O.K. If you cannot get help from people you know, get a cleaner and make living at home easier. 

You can meet them first and ask them to come every week or two if you are happy. Some also do other jobs like shopping or taking you to appointments.

You can:

Clear clutter from your home

If you live with clutter, this can make cleaning harder and even lead to accidents. It can feel difficult to know where to start.

See a list of local organisations that can help you to de-clutter.

You can get help with clutter by:

Get help with your garden

You can make sure you keep your garden looking tidy. Find someone who can help.

See a local organisation that can help with garden upkeep (local website Help & Kindness).

Ask Age UK about its service to prune and weed and provide other help.