Teacher’s library card 

The teacher's library card is available from all Dorset libraries and enables teachers working in a Dorset school to borrow up to 20 items for use in class, specifically:  

  • children’s fiction and non-fiction books 
  • teenage and young adult fiction and non-fiction books
  • spoken word for children, teenagers, and young adults. 

Items can be borrowed for up to 42 days without overdue charges. Teachers can also reserve items from our LibrariesWest catalogue.

Please be aware that items borrowed are for use in class only.

To apply for a teacher's card please complete the teacher's card library membership form and register at your local Dorset library or community managed library. You will need to provide proof of your name and where you work by providing an identity badge or a letter from the headteacher. 

Teacher's library membership form

Class visits to a library

Our school programme is free and available throughout the school year. We offer several programmes, each session lasts for 60 minutes. They are:

  • introduction to your library - this session aims to introduce children to the library service and to discover the range of services available through their free membership
  • reading for pleasure - an opportunity to talk and learn about new books. Pupils will be encouraged to read for pleasure and discover a range of stock to suit all levels and interests
  • information skills - a brief introduction to the Dewey Decimal Classification System to enable pupils to search and locate materials for study and leisure

Library Service staff can also visit schools to:

  • provide a brief presentation on what the public library has to offer
  • promote reading programmes such as the Summer Reading Challenge

Arrange a class visit

Arrange for your class to visit a library, or for a librarian to come to your school.

Arrange a Summer Reading Challenge assembly visit

Arrange for your class to visit a library, or for a librarian to come to your school to discuss the Summer Reading Challenge.