How to create and submit a job advert

Sign in to Eploy

Sign in on the Hiring Manger Login page with your username and password. Your username is the email you gave when you registered for an account.

If you don't know your password, use the forgotten password link.

If you don't have an account with us, you'll need to register for an account first.

Once you have signed in, you'll see your Hiring Manager dashboard.

This is where you will find your job adverts that are:

  • with us to review
  • in draft
  • published

Start a new job advert

Add vacancy

Click the 'Add Vacancy (Load Template)' button on the top left of the screen.

This opens up the 'Add Vacancy' form.

Work location/department

Your company will already be selected.

Load from template

Click 'Select' and choose 'New 3rd Party Vacancy [New Vacancy]' from the drop-down list.

Click 'Continue'.

Add job details


Give your job advert a title. Include the name of your organisation as this is helpful to customers, for example:

English teacher, The New School, Blandford.


Select a category for the role from the drop-down list, such as Teaching.


Select the location of the role from the drop-down list, such as Blandford. 

Contact us if the location you need isn't listed.

What is the vacancy type for this advert?

Select the contract type for your role from the drop-down list, such as fixed term.

Job working pattern

Select the type of employment for the role from the drop-down list, such as part time.

Add salary details

Advertising salary

Write the salary as you want it to appear on the job advert. This can include details such as the pro-rata salary, pay grade or scale if relevant. For example:

£30,000 to £35,000 per year (£17,139 to £20,000 pro rata)


£15 per hour plus overtime

Salary from

Enter the lowest salary range for your role. For example, if the salary is £30,000 to £35,000, you would enter 30000. Do not include any special characters such as £ or ,

This is used to help customers filter by salary range on the job website. The figure is not displayed on your advert.

Salary to

Enter the highest salary range for your role. For example, if the salary is £30,000 to £35,000, you would enter 35000. Do not include any special characters such as £ or ,

This is used to help customers filter by salary range on the job website. The figure is not displayed on your advert.

Per hour or per year

Select whether the pay details you have entered are per hour or per year.

Hours per week

Enter the number of hours per week for the role. This figure is in decimals rather than hours and minutes. For example, 37 and a half hours should be written as 37.5. You can convert minutes to decimals in the On The Clock website.

Fixed term end date

This field only appears if you selected fixed term as the vacancy type. Enter the fixed term end date, for example, 31 March 2025.

Is the salary equal to or above National Minimum Wage?

Select 'Yes' or 'No'. We cannot advertise jobs where the salary is below the National Minimum Wage.

Is this a teaching role?

Select 'Yes' or 'No'.

If you select 'Yes', a field will appear for 'This is a teaching role and the current proportion is:'

This is an optional field and won't appear on your job advert. You can leave this as 0.

Positions available

Enter the number of positions available for this job advert. This information does not appear on the job advert so you may also want to include the number of positions later on, when you add details about the role, if you are advertising more than one role.

If you are a bulk advert credit customer, choosing more than one position does not affect your number of credits. Each job advert will only use one credit.

Add details of how people can apply and supporting documents

How would you like your candidates to apply?

Select an option from the drop-down list. You can upload an application form or provide a link to your website where customers can apply, or both.

If you are providing a website link, paste the full web address into the 'Link to apply' box.

Upload documents to support your job advert

Click on the button for the type of document you want to upload.

You can select a file to upload from your computer or drag and drop a file into the grey area.

Click 'Upload File' once you have selected your document to upload.

Your uploaded file will then appear above the button. You can click the 'x' icon if you want to remove it.

Although we allow different file types, we recommend uploading supporting documents in PDF format. This is because PDFs don't usually need any special software to view them. Please make sure your documents are accessible to meet the needs of all users under the accessibility regulations.

Add information about the role and your company

About the role

This is where you can describe your role in detail to help potential candidates decide if the role is right for them.

The Ad Tuner Score is a tool to help you write a better job advert. You can click on the link above the green progress bar to use this tool.

Further information

This is an optional field. You could write additional information about the type of candidate you are looking for.

About us

This is an optional field. You could write some information about your company.

Tips for writing your advert

To make your advert easier to read, use:

  • simple language and short sentences so that everyone can read and understand your advert
  • bullet points to list items, such as key points about the role or employee benefits
  • bold if you need to break the text up with headings
  • Arial font, size 12

There are some things you should avoid as they make it harder for people to read and can cause accessibility issues. 

Avoid using:

  • jargon
  • abbreviations - write them out in full instead
  • italics, underlined text or block capitals, and only use bold for headings
  • background colours or different coloured text
If you are copying and pasting text from a document or website, check the formatting of your pasted text. It is best to right mouse click and 'paste as plain text' to strip out any formatting that may have copied over. We do not allow different fonts, colours, symbols or styling. We will remove these from your advert when we review it before it goes live.

Add a closing date and time for your advert

Closing date

We can advertise job adverts for up to 90 days. Please choose a closing date within 90 days of the current date.

Click on the calendar icon to open the date picker and click to select the closing date for your advert. 

Alternatively, you can type in the box in the format of DD/MM/YYYY

Closing time

Enter a closing time for your advert using am/pm format, for example, 11am or 2:30pm. For 12pm use 'midday' and for 12am use 'midnight'.

We aim to publish job adverts within 2 working days of receiving a request. If you want to delay publishing your advert to a later date, you will be able to specify this before you submit it for review.

Add contact details for applicants

Main contact

The main contact is already pre-populated from your account. This does not appear on the job advert.

Contact details for applicants

These contact details are displayed on the job advert for applicants to contact you with queries about the vacancy.

Provide a contact name, email address and phone number.

Add your payment information

You can place a single advert with us or we offer bulk advert credits. These are a good option if you regularly advertise with us. Bulk advert credits are offered at a discounted price and there is no time limit on when they have to be used by.

Please indicate if you have purchased bulk advert credits

Select an option from the drop-down.

If you already have bulk advert credits

If you already have advert credits with us, select 'Yes'. 

Enter your organisation name, contact name and email address.

If you want to place a single advert

If you do not have advert credits and want to pay for a single advert, select 'No'.

You must confirm that you accept the advert fee before we can put your advert on the website. Select 'Yes'.

Enter your purchase order number.

Enter your registered charity number if applicable.

If you want to buy advert credits

If you want to buy one of our bulk advert credit deals, select the deal you wish to purchase from the drop-down list.

Enter your purchase order number.

Enter your registered charity number if applicable.

Save your advert as a draft

If you are not ready to submit your advert to be reviewed and published, you can use the 'Save as Draft' button.

You must complete all mandatory fields (fields marked with an asterisk *) before you can save your advert as a draft. Once you have clicked the 'Save as Draft' button, you can leave the page.

When you are ready to work on your draft vacancy again, go to your dashboard and click on 'Draft Vacancies'.

You will see a list of all your draft vacancies.

Click on the title of the vacancy you want to work on and you will be taken back into the vacancy form.

Review and submit your advert

Once you have added all the details of your job advert, you can click 'Continue'.

Making changes to your advert

You will not be able to make changes after you click 'Submit' so make sure you have double checked everything is correct. If you need to make changes now, use the 'Back' button.

Status comments

You can add status comments if there is anything you need to tell us about your advert, for example:

  • to schedule your advert to be published at a later date
  • if you would like a different address to your company address on the advert

Please do not include requests for advert credits.

Submit your advert for review

When you click 'Submit', your job advert will be sent through to our Content team for review. We will check your advert meets our guidelines and you will receive an email once your advert is published.

Once you are happy with your advert, click 'Submit'.

What happens next

We review your job advert

Your advert will now be with our Content team to review. Please allow up to 2 working days for your advert to be published on our job website.

Making changes to your advert

If we need any changes made to your advert before it can be published, we will contact you. If you need to make any changes, contact us.

Once your advert is published

You will receive an email once your advert is published. The email will include a job reference number, which you can use to search for your job on our website. It will also include a link to your Hiring Manager dashboard so you can view the advert from there too.

Invoicing and payment

If you are a bulk credit customer, we will deduct one of your credits for each advert used. Contact us if you would like to know how many credits you have left.

If you have chosen to buy a new block of credits, we will deduct this new advert from those credits and raise an invoice.

If you are placing a single advert, we will raise an invoice.