Why compost?

  • it's good for your garden - digging compost into your soil improves on its texture and nutritional quality, which in turn produces healthier plants
  • it's good for the environment - organic rubbish that is sent to landfill breaks down without air, which causes methane to be produced. Methane is a greenhouse gas twenty times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Also, making your own compost saves you from buying peat-based compost. Peat bogs are a natural habitat
  • it's good for your pocket - composting your kitchen and garden waste at home saves on car journeys and provides you with your own versatile, valuable free resource

Find out more about composting.

Residents with smaller gardens or back yards might want to consider setting up a wormery.

Special home composting offers

We are offering a black 220 litre compost converter bin for only £10. If you order a second one, it will be half price.

There is a delivery charge of £6.99 per order on top of this. So you could do a joint order with a neighbour or friend.

Please visit getcomposting.com to place an order or e-mail the team for further information. 

There is a limit on the number of bins that we can make available at this price, so hurry whilst the offer lasts.

Free compost bins for schools

Find out more about how Dorset schools can have up to two free 220 litre compost bins plus two lidded caddies for collecting waste.