Why I work for Dorset Council

I started working for local government after graduating from university with a degree in Human Resources. My learning gave me a great foundation of HR theory but there is no substitute for on the job learning. I have held a variety of different roles within HR including Advisor and Project Manager before securing a role as a Business Partner.

As an HR Business Partner, I work collaboratively with a variety of different stakeholders to progress our people priorities within the directorate and organisational wide. These stakeholders include leadership teams, managers, employees, and business partners from different specialisms. I am part of a team of HR Business Partners that work closely with our HR Advisory, HR & Payroll, Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Organisational Development teams. I also lead on organisational projects to support our people strategy which will help Dorset Council become an employer of choice.

During my career I have worked for several local authorities, however, Dorset Council feels very different to where I have previously worked. We are a young ambitious council committed to improving the lives of our residents and this energy flows through everything that we do. I enjoy working with fantastic teams and individuals as well as having the ability to positively influence decisions that impact the whole workforce. These experiences help develop me both professionally and personally and give me a sense of pride in the work that I do.

I mainly work remotely and come into the office for specific meetings or events. I like having the flexibility around how I work as it reduces travel time and costs, allows me to do the school runs and helps strike a better work/life balance. Being part-time, I am also able to spend time more time with my son whilst he still wants to spend his time with me!