We encourage residents to have their say in planning matters and anyone can comment on a planning application. For your comments to be taken into consideration, they must be received before the end of the consultation period. The expiry date for public comments varies for each application and can be checked via the online planning application search and comment.

You will need to accept the terms and conditions to enter the online planning register page before typing in the application number or address to find the application record.

Comments taken into consideration

All planning applications have to be determined in accordance with relevant adopted local planning policies (in local and neighbourhood plans), unless material planning considerations indicate otherwise. 

There is no set list defining ‘material considerations’, but they cover any matters that can broadly be categorised as being in the ‘public interest’.

‘Private interests’ or other matters already regulated through other legislation are generally not considered to be ‘material planning considerations’.

If you are making a representation (comment), you will need to provide your name, address, and email (if applicable) to us. Comments received without a name and address will be treated as anonymous. Anonymous comments will not be accepted, and your views will not be considered, you will also not be updated if the application was to go to committee or appeal.  We also do not accept comments received via social media or by video.

We will review all comments as part of the application process to assess whether they are material to the development proposed and if so, what weight can be given to them when reaching a decision about whether to allow or refuse an application.

Material considerations

Material considerations can include (but are not limited to):

  • overlooking and loss of privacy
  • loss of light or overshadowing
  • layout and density of building
  • design, appearance and materials
  • effect on listed building and conservation area
  • nature conservation
  • loss of trees
  • road safety, access, car parking, traffic generation
  • flood risk
  • noise, disturbance and odour
  • central Government policy
  • supplementary planning documents
  • previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)

Issues we cannot consider

We cannot consider issues such as:

  • a loss of private view
  • the effect on the value of properties
  • a breach of restrictive covenant/s and personal property rights
  • unfair competition
  • the level of profit a developer might make
  • developers motives, record or reputation
  • speculation over future use
  • personal circumstances of the applicant (in most cases)

Neighbour notification letters

We no longer send out neighbour notification letters for planning applications (unless required by law). This is in line with our Statement of Community Involvement.

We still publish:

  • site notices for applications
  • press notices, where required by law
  • application details online

We will continue to consult statutory organisations and town and parish councils.