Simple changes can help you be more independent

Sometimes a simple change can make a big difference, this could be small changes to your home for example with equipment or technology. Find out how to make living at home easier, safer, and more comfortable. 

Ask us to look at what care and support you need

If you have tried some of our simple suggestions and still need support contact the adult social care team for further advice about what could help and if necessary we can arrange an assessment.

Contact the adult social care team

Help to pay for care

If you need help with things like washing and dressing, there may be financial help available to provide support in your own home. 

Find out if you can get some financial help to get some care.

Assessing your care and support needs

Once you have spoken to our Adult Access Team, they may advise you that an assessment is required to explore in more detail what you can do independently and help you to achieve the things that you are finding difficult

Read about assessment in easy read format

What happens after the assessment

If we find you do not qualify for care

We will still give you advice and information on how you could do things differently.

If we find you do qualify for care

We will develop a support plan with suggestions of how your care and support needs could be met including how much this may cost and whether you choose 

  • for Dorset Council to arrange care on your behalf 
  • to receive a direct payment and arrange care yourself

We will need to complete a financial assessment to work out what you will pay towards your care.

Help for your carer

If you have someone that helps you with day to day tasks, they can get support from Carer Support Dorset who can provide information, advice or guidance for carers. They can also request a Carers Assessment

Adult social care

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