Housing reviews

You can ask us to look again at some decisions made on your housing register application. This is called asking for a ‘review’.

You must ask for a review within 21 days of being notified of the decision. This usually means 21 days from when you receive the decision letter.

Decisions you can ask us to review

You can ask us to reconsider the following types of decision:

  • meeting eligibility or qualification criteria
  • the effective date of your application
  • reasons leading to the cancellation or suspension of your application
  • the property type you can bid for
  • entitlement to reasonable preference
  • household members considered for housing

Asking for a review

You (or someone acting on your behalf) can request a review:

  • by emailing
  • by phoning us

Our recommendations:

  • be clear you are asking for a review
  • be clear what decision you want us to look at and why you think it is wrong
  • ask if you need help requesting a review
  • ask if you want the form posted to you
  • keep a copy of the request or form
  • send evidence to support your review and keep a copy
  • tell us in writing if someone else is acting on your behalf
  • note the date that you need to respond by
  • give us a current address to write to you (even if your address in temporary)
  • give us a telephone number and email address
  • read the full information on the link below

What happens next

The person carrying out the review will consider your application to the housing register, all supporting documentation and any new information provided with the review. They will make an assessment which may be the same or overturn the original decision.

See further information about your right to a review, including:

  • time limits
  • deadlines
  • independent advice
  • the full procedure
  • further appeals

Complaints and compliments

We believe in continuously improving our services please tell us if you have a comment, compliment or complaint.

Housing Options Team - housing reviews

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Email: HousingReviews@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
Tel: 01305 221739
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