Before you apply to the housing register it is important to check that you meet the qualification and eligibility criteria. For a full list of eligible applicants please see our Housing Allocation Policy.

Applicants must also meet our qualification criteria:

  • meet our age restriction:

Anyone aged 16/17 years will normally require a guarantor for example social services, parent, guardian or friend. Social landlords may have different policies


Local connection Requirements
Residency in the area` 2 years or 3 years out of the last 5 years
Close family continuous residency in the area (parents, siblings, non dependant children) 5 years evidenced 
Paid employment in the Dorset Council area 16 hours per week average for a minimum of 1 year (including zero hour contracts)
Offer of permanent employment to social tenant in the Dorset Council area 16 hours per week (on average) for no less than 1 year (including zero hour contracts) and where it is unreasonable to travel from current social housing property
Location requirements  Any requirements detailed in a Section 106 Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and or Local Lettings Plan

Some eligible applicants may not qualify because of other factors including:

  • unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make them unsuitable as a prospective tenant
  • people who have assets and/or income above the financial resource limit
  • people who own their own home
  • people who have deliberately worsened their circumstances
  • prisoners whose release date is more than 2 months