Drainage systems

Dorset Highways are responsible for the following drainage activities:

  • emptying of gullies
  • clearing of drainage grips and ditches
  • emptying of soak-a-ways, interceptors and catch- pits
  • clearing of pipe runs, channels and kerb drainage specifically highlighting problem areas such a shallow falls or sites subject to root infestation
  • clearance of balancing ponds to include vegetation clearance and removal of silt
  • side verging of carriageway edge to facilitate surface water runoff and removal of detritus from the channel
  • repairing damaged gully covers

Report a problem with highway drainage

Report a gully, drain or flooding issue

Apparatus responsibility of utility companies

Utility companies are responsible for their respective apparatus which includes manhole covers in the road and pavement.

If you report a defective manhole cover to us, we will inform the utility company directly. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to be able to advise of the timescales in which defects are likely to be resolved, this is because there is no industry standard for us to quote and utility companies have their own programme of works. Defects which pose the most danger are aimed to be made safe within two hours.

Report a problem with a manhole cover