Dorset Co-ordinated Admission Scheme 2025 to 2026

Last updated 13 March 2024

Dorset Co-ordinated Admission Scheme 2025 to 2026

Admissions scheme dates
Admissions area  Secondary  Primary 
Closing date - for applications (EHCP and Children in Care) (Applicants applying on aptitude/ability will be advised of the outcome of the testing (not guarantee of a placement) in good time to complete a preference application by the closing date.) 31 October 2024  15 January 2025 
Final EHCP allocations confirmed to School Admissions 12 January 2025  15 February 2025 
Latest Date for Children in Care applications 31 January 2025  14 March 2025 
Application Exchange - Dorset LA exchanges applications with other LAs 15 November 2024  3 February 2025 
Verifying Criteria & Ranking Deadline - for Admission Authorities to complete the process of verifying and confirming the criteria for their applications, ranking those applications and returning them to the Local Authority 10 January 2025 6 March 2025 
First Offer Exchange - First exchange of offers between LAs 27 January 2025  14 March 2025 
Final Offer Exchange - Final exchange of offers between LAs 7 February 2025  28 March 2025 
Final Allocation Notification - Dorset LA to inform all schools of final allocations 21 February 2025 7 April 2025 
Notification Day - Dorset LA sends notification to home applicants (National Offer Day or the next working day if it falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday) 3 March 2025 16 Aril 2025 
Parents respond to the offer 15 March 2025 2 May 2025 

Dorset Council will have a single late round inline with all neighbouring authorities.

The single late round for each cycle will close the day prior to the National Offer Day of that cycle.

All applications after the National Offer day will no longer be batch co-ordinated and will be dealt with as In-Year Transfers and will be dealt with as they are received.

Application rounds
Round Late closing date Late offer date Late response date
Secondary Late 2 March 2025  2 April 2025  16 April 2025 
Primary Late 15 April 2025  14 May 2025  30 May 2025 

Secondary Applications received after 2nd February and Primary Applications after the 15th April will be processed as quickly as possible as they are received and as In-Year Transfers.

Please note applications received within the last few weeks of term and during the summer holidays may not be processed until the schools return from their summer break.



This policy was last reviewed in 2024. 

The next expected review date is 2025.