After you have submitted an application and received your assessment you can place a bid on up to 6 properties at any one time. You can see any property that is advertised from your online account.

See advertised properties

You will need to log in to your online account to view and bid for properties

Help with making a bid

If you need help to make bids you can ask us to do this for you.

Each advert has lots of information to help you select properties that you are interested in.

Click on the heart symbol to tell us your preferred property. You can change this by choosing this symbol on another property if you want to.

You can also see your position for each property compared to other bids received.

If you are not eligible to bid on a property you can use the ‘why’ button for an explanation.

When the property has closed for bids a shortlist of applicants is drawn up. The shortlist is in order of eligibility according to the criteria stated in the advert details for that property. The applicant at the top of the shortlist will normally be put forward for the property to the landlord. If the landlord accepts the nomination the applicant will then be given an opportunity to view the property and decide whether to accept it.