Details of a new Primary School for Bere Regis which includes five class bases, a hall, games court, grass playing field and a pre-school facility.

The project and background

Bere Regis Primary School is a 140 place primary school for pupils aged between 4 and 11. The school became a primary school in September 2012 following the reorganisation of education provision in the Purbeck area from three tier to two tier.  The old brick built building has been home to the school for over 80 years but was not large enough or appropriate for teaching today's curriculum.

The new single storey school is set within its own grounds and provides:

  • 5 class bases
  • toilets
  • a large hall
  • offices and headteachers' room
  • a pre-school facility
  • hard and soft play areas
  • a games court and grass playing field
  • parking for staff
  • a dedicated access road

The project started on site in November 2015 with completion in late 2016.

View photographs of the construction in progress on the flickr photostream.  Photographs courtesy of Morgan Sindall unless stated.

The design

This location for the new school was chosen from a small number of options as the most suitable site within Bere Regis.

The choice of materials and their colour has been used to blend the building into the natural rural environment. The provision of clerestory glazing gives visual character and ensures the maximum use of natural ventilation and day lighting.

The school building allows for day to day flexibility and future adaptability; internal walls can be removed and remodelled, if future needs arise, under the steel framed roof structure.

All facilities in the new school are accessible, being compliant with current building regulations guidance and recommendations. The new school is on a single floor level and there is an accessible parking bay together with fully accessible paths.

The design and sustainability

A desktop study has been undertaken in order to ensure that the design meets the requirements to achieve a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) "very good" rating. The project will not be subject to a full BREEAM assessment. Sustainable design solutions include:

  • evaluating all materials on their level of sustainability together with future recycling and re-use
  • providing high levels of insulation
  • maximising the use of natural daylight
  • ensuring energy efficient lighting units and appliances are installed
  • providing photovoltaic panels located on the south facing roof

External works and landscape

Hard and soft play areas have been provided within the school grounds. A new sports pitch is located to the west of the school building and new formal hard play court with surrounding ball fence has been provided to the south. There are also areas for group play and outdoor teaching.

Existing trees and the hedgerow on the north boundary of the site will be retained with the hedgerow being extended with further planting. A hedgerow around the boundary fence has also been planted.

The design team and main constructor

The project to provide the new Bere Regis Primary School was procured and project managed by Dorset Property. The design team and main constructor were as follows:

  • Client: The Asset Management Group for Cabinet, represented by the Director for Children's Services
  • Project manager: Dorset Property
  • Architect: Dorset Property
  • Cost consultant: Dorset Property
  • Mechanical engineer: Dorset Property
  • Electrical engineer: Dorset Property
  • Landscape architect: Dorset Property
  • Structural engineer: Dorset Property
  • CDM co-ordinator: Stride Treglown
  • Clerk of works: Dorset Property
  • Main constructor: Morgan Sindall

Dorset Property

Name: Dorset Property
Tel: 01305 225200
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