A Structural Engineer can give professional structural advice and carry out necessary structural design. Any work they do will need to be checked by Building Control to make sure that the design meets with the minimum standards set out by the Building Regulations and is safe.

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Structural calculations

Structural calculations are sometimes requested when you have submitted an application. These are to prevent any problems that could arise during a project if not provided. They do not need to be submitted before any work commences, just provided before the work they relate to begins.

Cost of hiring an engineer

The cost will depend on the type of work the engineer is undertaking, but a good Structural Engineer could save you money. A Structural Engineer should also provide Professional Indemnity Insurance for the structural design which will be reflected in the quote provided.


Your Structural Engineer does not necessarily need to be qualified, it depends on the type of work they are undertaking, but you should check that they have suitable insurance.

Project specific advice

Project specific advice
Project Advice
Roof trusses Roof trusses should be designed using the correct standards. Any alterations, such as trim the roof trusses to form openings, must to be discussed with the truss designer/manufacturer.
Floor joists Floor joists can be notched in particular locations. You can register with TDUK (formerly Trada)
Timber works Timber used for structural work should be strength graded and stamped.
Concrete padstones Concrete padstones are required beneath steel beam bearings, unless an alternative is designed by the Structural Engineer. You should not use prestressed concrete lintels as padstones unless specified by the Structural Engineer.
Proprietary metal lintels The size of the bearings should be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations which is commonly 150mm.
Ready made concrete floors You will need calculations for ready made concrete floors, the manufacturers will usually be able to offer help and guidance.


These answers are intended to provide an introductory level of guidance only. You are advised to contact Building Control if you are in any doubt as to the requirement for structural calculations and to seek appropriate professional advice from a Structural Engineer.

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