We maintain mailing list which potential tenants who satisfy the application criteria can join. The mailing list will be informed as farms become available for re-letting. In addition to this farms will normally be advertised in the farming and local press.

Tenants are chosen through a selection process which involves the submission of a business plan and budget accounts. If shortlisted, a financial reference is required and applicants will be visited in advance of the interview. At interview there are usually two elected members, the senior estate surveyor and, where possible, representatives from the National Farmers Union or Country Land and Business Association and Dorset County Farms Tenants Association.

The following criteria are considered by the selection panel:

  • applicants must have relevant practical farming experience which may include formal agricultural training
  • the amount of funding which a tenant should have will vary from farm to farm depending on the type and size of farm
  • the panel will scrutinise all aspects of the application to select the most suitable tenant

To be added to the mailing list please contact the County Farms Team.