If you have been refused school transport, you can appeal. School transport includes:

You can appeal if:

Before you start please ensure you have supporting documents ready to attach to your appeal. These can include:

  • medical letters and reports
  • financial statements
  • benefit details

Appeal a decision

Appeal a school transport decision. Make sure you have your supporting documents handy.

If you are unable to use the online form, fill out a school transport appeal paper form.

What to expect during the appeals process

Stage 1

  1. You submit an appeal form and we review it.
  2. We contact you if you are still not entitled to free school transport and your appeal is rejected.
  3. You then have the option to go to appeal stage 2.

Stage 2

  1. You submit a stage 2 appeal form and we review it.
  2. We compile information on your case and provide it to councillors to review in advance of the formal appeal.
  3. We contact you with the date of your appeal hearing.
  4. The Dorset Travel Team, the School Admissions Team and councillors are present during the hearing. You can attend if you want to.
  5. Information about your situation is presented to the appeal committee.
  6. You are given the opportunity to put your case forward.
  7. Councillors consider all of the information and make a decision in private.
  8. You are told the outcome of your appeal.
  9. If your appeal is unsuccessful, it’s up to you to arrange your child’s transport.