You need an Animal Activity Licence licence to:

  • sell animals as pets
  • board cats or dogs
  • provide home boarding (including daycare) for dogs
  • hire out horses
  • breed dogs
  • keep or train animals for exhibition

If your business was granted a licence before 1 October 2018 you can continue to operate under that licence until it expires. You need to renew your licence under the new laws 10 weeks before it expires.

You need a separate licence to keep dangerous wild animals or run a zoo.

Before you apply

You should read the:

Your business must comply with the conditions and will be assessed before the license is granted to make sure they can meet them.

Apply for a licence

We will process your application once the fee has been paid. Contact us to make a payment.

Licence fees

Contact us to make a payment.

Type of licence Administration and inspection fee Licence fee Total fee

*Boarding in kennels for dogs




*Home boarding for dogs




*Providing day care for dogs




Selling animals as pets




Keeping or training animals for exhibition




Breeding dogs £299.50 + vet fees £94 £393.50 + vet fees        

Hiring out horses

£336.50 + vet fee


£468.50 + vet fees

*Providing boarding for cats




Licence Variation  n/a n/a £93

* Multiple activities – highest fee charged

Check if someone has a licence

If someone is providing any of the services listed under the Animal Activity Licence, you can check if they have a licence with us

Contact us to report any concerns that someone is operating these services without a licence. 

Contact us

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