The Action Van offers sports coaching, supervised sports and activity sessions and equipment hire to groups. This is a mobile service that can visits groups in their own venues or other community settings.

The Action Van is managed by the Sports Development Unit at Dorset Council. The service employs sports coaches, leaders and fitness instructors to run, progressive and fun active sessions.  A charge is made for the service that includes two members of staff to run the session. Groups are also able to hire some equipment if they wish to run sessions themselves.

Make a booking

Email or call us to check availability before making a booking. 

Costs vary per booking due to activity type and duration of session and include the provision of staff, set up, pack away and travel. We will provide a cost once you have contacted us with your booking requirements.

We may need to visit your venue or discuss the booking in more detail if your group is new to the Action Van.

Once we've agreed the date, time and activity provisionally, you should complete the booking form. 

Sport activities and equipment

You can hire equipment or book a supervised sports session for the following activities: 

  • adapted sports
  • archery/arrows
  • badminton
  • basketball
  • boccia
  • bouncy inflatable
  • circus skills
  • cricket
  • fitness
  • football
  • goalball
  • hockey
  • lacrosse
  • leadership
  • mini athletics
  • multi skills
  • netball
  • new age kurling
  • pre-school play
  • rounders
  • rugby
  • scooters
  • short mat bowls
  • skateboarding
  • soft play
  • table tennis
  • tag rugby
  • tennis  
  • trampoline
  • tri-golf
  • volleyball

Activity and equipment hire costs (from 1 April 2021 to 1 September 2021)

Supervised sports sessions (per hour)

supervised and lead sport activities costs
Supervised sports session Standard cost (per activity, per hour) Concession groups (per activity, per hour)

Trampoline, table tennis, short mat bowls, bouncy inflatable, archery, aerobics or soft play

£44 £38.50

All other activities

£38.50 £34

Charges for sessions include 2 members of our staff, set up, pack away and travel. Hirers may be advised to book extra staff in the interest of health and safety of participants or Action Van staff (eg. safe supervision of activities, to cover breaks during longer sessions or to assist with manual handling).

Costs vary due to various factors such as activity type and duration of session / hire.

VAT will be added to all mobile skate park and inflatable sessions and equipment hire.

The minimum charge is for one and a half hours. Additional staff (for longer sessions or when there are several different activities taking place) may be required and will be charged at £14 per hour per additional member of staff. We will discuss this with you prior to your booking.

Equipment hire (per day)

Equipment hire costs
Type of equipment Standard cost (per set of equipment, per day) Concession groups (per set of equipment, per day)
Trampoline, table tennis, short mat bowls, bouncy inflatable or soft play  £80  £70
All other equipment £42 £37

VAT will be added to all bouncy inflatable supervised sessions and equipment hire.

Mobile skate park

The mobile skate park can be set up in lots of ways to offer a more challenging street course and make good use the space available.

An area roughly the size of a badminton court (13.4m x 6.1m) is needed to run a skate session. The area should be level and free of bumps and debris. 

Equipment includes:

  • manual box
  • 2 platforms with fly-off 
  • 2 launch ramps
  • helmets of various sizes
  • protective pads (elbows and knees)
  • wrist guards
  • skateboards and scooters

The mobile skate park ramps conform to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recommendations.

Hire costs

There is a minimum charge of a two hour booking for the mobile skate park.

Skate park hire costs
Type of activity Standard cost Concessions (per hour)
Supervised small mobile skate park session £44 £38.50
Small mobile skate park equipment hire £80 £70

VAT will be added to all mobile skate park supervised sessions and equipment hire.

Run your own skate park session

You can attend supervisor training with us so that your club or group can run your own sessions and save money on future bookings.

Training takes 3 hours and needs:

  • at least one person aged 18 or over, who must be present at all times when the equipment is in use
  • to be done in a space where the ramps can be set up
  • anyone else over the age of 14 can attend the supervisor training


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