Information on pay entitlements during sickness absence

The maximum occupational pay entitlement during absence through sickness is set out below and is subject to reduction in respect of the aggregate of sickness absences during the 12 months immediately preceding the first day of sickness:

Length of service Allowance

During the 1st year of service

1 months' full pay and (after completing four months' service) 2 months' half pay

During the 2nd year of service

2 months' full pay and 2 months' half pay

During the 3rd year of service

4 months' full pay and 4 months' half pay

During the 4th and 5th year of service

5 months' full pay and 5 months' half pay

After 5 years' service

6 months' full pay and 6 months' half pay

  • during periods of full pay, sick pay will be an amount which, when added to statutory sick pay or any incapacity benefit received will be the equivalent of normal pay. Normal pay includes all earnings paid during a period of normal working and excludes any payments not made on a regular basis.
  • during periods of half pay, an amount equal to half normal earnings plus statutory sick pay or any incapacity benefit received will be paid providing the total sum received does not exceed full pay
  • an employee prevented by illness from reporting for duty must notify immediately their headteacher/line manager giving the nature of the illness and the likely duration if known in line with the Management of Attendance Policy
  • employees whose earnings are below the National Insurance lower earnings limit and therefore do not qualify for SSP will receive payment due based on occupational sick pay entitlement. Employees in receipt of incapacity benefit must notify payroll immediately in writing of the amount being paid as the total sum of incapacity benefit received plus occupational sick pay must not exceed full pay.

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