The transport studies provide strategies for future transport provision within the respective Dorset regions.

All the strategies will provide an evidence base for the transport element of the respective local plans of the former district or borough councils, and will demonstrate how transport facilities could be enhanced to facilitate the desired level of economic growth in these former district council areas between 2008-2026.

Following completion of the Purbeck Transport Study, the Purbeck Transportation Strategy (PTS) has been published. It provides an overarching strategy for future transportation provision within Purbeck.

South East Dorset Multi Modal Transport Study

The South East Dorset Transport Study identifies the initiatives and interventions that would ensure the area has an excellent transport system in the future, and provides the evidence base to help secure funding.

The transport strategy developed within SEDTS is the combination of a wide range of potential measures derived from a variety of sources. In preparing the strategy, the study has followed a step-by-step process in order to ensure that the strategy reflects the real issues across the South East Dorset area and examines the full range of potential measures before identifying and assessing an effective outcome. The study was undertaken for , and with the active participation by the client partnership which included the breadth of organisations with a responsibility for, or an interest in, the operation of the transport network in the South East Dorset study area- the local authorities (the former areas of Borough of Poole, Bournemouth Borough Council and the Dorset County Council), Highways Agency, regional bodies (Government Office for the South West, South West Regional Development Agency and South West Councils) and the Department for Transport.

View the full report into the South East Dorset Multi-Modal Transport Study

Purbeck Transport Strategy (PTS) Review

The Purbeck Transport Strategy sets out future transport schemes and improvements in the former Purbeck district.

Traffic Management Improvements

  • signing strategy to divert traffic from Poole / Bournemouth travelling to the Wool / Lulworth area away from the A351 and on to the A35 / C6
  • traffic management / safety improvements along the A35 / C6 and through Bere Regis
  • measures to reduce traffic speeds and route management strategies
  • junction and online road improvements including the Bakers Arms roundabout & A351

These schemes will ensure appropriate routing of trips as overall traffic levels rise due to new development by reducing the attractiveness of inappropriate routes. Rail re-signalling in 2012 will help to reduce the barrier down time at Wool level crossing therefore reducing traffic queues. The Weymouth relief road signing strategy will encourage traffic travelling from Poole to Weymouth to remain on the A35 and use the new A354 instead of the A351 / A352 / A353.

Bus Service Enhancements

  • improve bus services between Swanage - Wareham - Wool - Lulworth - Weymouth (service X43)
  • improve bus services between Poole - Upton - Lytchett Minster - Wareham - Corfe Castle - Swanage (Purbeck Breezier service 40)
  • improve bus links around Swanage
  • improve bus services between Swanage - Bournemouth across chain ferry (service 50)
  • improving bus services for residents and tourists
  • improve public transport to Studland
  • improve public transport information and waiting facilities

These improvements will provide viable alternatives to the car, including for certain new trips and in the case of tourist services, will release capacity in the road network by removing car trips. Tourist buses will also be of benefit to those leisure related developments which are contributing financially to the PTS.

Walking and Cycling Improvements

  • cycle parking provision (town centres, campsites, stations, visitor attractions)
  • cycleway Corfe Castle - Wareham
  • cycleway Wareham - Lytchett Minster - Upton Cross - Upton Country Park
  • cycleway Corfe Castle - Swanage
  • improve walking & cycling information - signs, cycle maps, marketing info
  • improve existing rights of way / green infrastructure network to encourage walking, cycling and horse riding
  • pedestrian and cyclist crossings
  • footway / cycleway Wool - Dorset Green Technology Park
  • improve walking / cycling access Lytchett Matravers - Lytchett Minster

These schemes will encourage non-car modes for short journeys within the former Purbeck district for both residents and tourists, helping to reduce road congestion and to influence travel mode choice related to new development.

Transport Interchange

  • Norden car park - encourage use of rail, bus, cycling, walking, cycle hire
  • Wool rail station interchange improvements - encourage use of rail, bus, cycling, walking
  • Moreton rail station interchange improvements - encourage use of rail, bus, cycling, walking
  • Wareham rail station interchange improvements - encourage use of rail, bus, cycling, walking, cycle hire
  • Swanage rail station interchange improvements - encourage use of rail, bus, cycling, walking
  • Corfe Castle rail station interchange improvements - encourage use of rail, bus, cycling, walking
  • Holton Heath rail station interchange improvements - encourage use of rail, bus, cycling, walking and provision of park and ride.

These schemes will help reduce car use for visitors and residents trips within the former Purbeck district, releasing capacity and relieving congestion in tourist hotspots. Interchange improvements will encourage use of public transport for longer journeys and may influence trip mode for journeys related to new development.

Smarter Travel Choices

  • sustainable travel to school initiatives
  • workplace Travel Plans e.g. Dorset Green Technology Park, Holton Heath, other significant employment sites
  • residential / Community / Visitor Travel Plans - creation of Car Clubs, promotion of car sharing, information packs, other community based travel schemes
  • encouraging the use of low carbon transport

With fuel costs continuing to rise, widening people's travel choice will help them save money through reduced use of the car. New development must be located sustainably and encourage low carbon travel to reduce transport's impact on climate change.

Rail Service Enhancement

  • railway reconnection to Swanage

The implementation of a Swanage - Wareham rail service will help reduce vehicular trips on the A351 in combination with other measures. The revision of the strategy now includes contributions towards the cost of this scheme.

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