Strategic Environmental Assessments

In accordance with European requirements and Government equalities legislation, the following documents have been prepared and have informed the development of the Local Transport Plan

Report on Local Transport Plan (LTP) Consultation

A consultation version of the plan was published early in January 2011 and comments invited through this website and by other means. Consultation on the draft plan finished on 28 February. Over 850 separate comments were received from almost 100 respondents, both individuals and organisations, including all the borough and district councils and several town and parish councils.

During March the main documents were re-drafted to take on board as many as these comments as possible. Clearly with a wide range of comments it was not possible to take on everybody's point of view.

The key substantive issues that arose from the consultation were listed and together with discussions held at each of the authorities appropriate committees, contributed to the final redrafting of the plan.

Car Parking Guidance

The following car parking guidance has been prepared as part of the Local Transport Plan (LTP) development and will help inform the emerging Local Plan documents

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