Traffic calming

Traffic calming is a series or a package of measures introduced to control the movements of vehicles and other road traffic - to promote safety and improve the environment for all. Traffic calming is the term applied to physical measures which change the horizontal and/or vertical alignments of an otherwise normal road, examples being: speed humps, build outs or coloured surfacing.

There are a number of technical and practical issues to consider when investigating the possibility of introducing traffic calming. 

Weight restrictions

Weight restrictions are normally provided on routes whereby it is deemed unsuitable for large vehicles to pass safely down a particular route - to protect narrow streets, bridges or improve the general environment.

Careful consideration must be given to finding suitable alternative routes for traffic that will be re-routed. In some instances, although some routes may not seem suitable for large vehicles, it may be the only option for access and we cannot prevent access.

We would not normally implement any weight restrictions on A or B class roads, as they are main priority routes linking communities together.

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