This map allows you to view information on road traffic collisions for the Dorset Council area for the latest available 5 years. Click on any of the points on the map to get further information about the collision.

Legend for Collisions


Map accessibility and disclaimer

Road traffic collision data is typically 2 to 3 months in arrears due to the data validation process.

Only road traffic collisions reported to Dorset Police that occurred on the highway network and resulted in personal injury to any person(s) involved are included in this database. For a more detailed definition of road traffic collisions, click on the 'i' icon on the right hand side of the map window and see the 'Collision Data Explained' section.

Collision data requests

The data and mapping is not authorised for commercial use by third parties. If you need collision data, for example, to support a planning application or feasibility study, you can complete our collision data request form. The following charges apply:

  • £94 + VAT per collision location plot
  • £116 + VAT per collision details report per area

Casualty statistics

For an overview of road traffic casualties for the Dorset Council area, see our casualty statistics page.