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Dorset Council road casualty statistics

There is a long term downward trend for road traffic casualties within the Dorset Council area but this appears to be levelling off. This trend is similar nationally and for the south-west region.

Casualties are categorised by severity:

  • fatal - death as a direct result of collision within 30 days

  • serious - includes over night detention in hospital (paralysis, fractures, major lacerations)

  • slight - includes whiplash, sprains or minor lacerations

Casualty figures

The table below shows the number of road traffic casualties on roads within the Dorset Council area by month for 2018, 2019 and the 2005/09 average.

Casualty figures
MonthKilled or Seriously InjuredAll Casualties
Year 2005/09 2018 2019 2005/09 2018 2019
January 19 17 16 128 64 82
February 16 8 8 117 61 60
March 18 18 10 128 68 74
April 21 12  20 121 64 92
May 20 12  13 136 76  77
June 22 21  14 139 92  66
July 22 23 16 142 112 90
August 24 14 16 152 69 89
September 23 9 14 140 57 76
October 26 9 26 147 80 76
November 20 13 15 151 58 50
December 18 13 23 128 75 78
Total 249 169 191 1629 876 910
Monthly Average 21 14 16 136 73 76

Average figures in the table above are rounded to the nearest whole number and therefore may not equal the total.

Due to the validation process validated casualty data is typically two to three months behind.

Data for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council is not included.

Collisions occurring on the trunk road network, which is managed by the Highways Agency, are included in these figures. Trunk road network within the Dorset Council area is the A35 from Bere Regis to the border with Devon County Council, the A31 from Bere Regis to the border with Hampshire and the A303 from the border with Somerset County Council to the border with Wiltshire Council.

Casualty tables and charts

If you are concerned about a particular road in your area we suggest you contact your Parish/Town Council

Future casualty reduction targets

As part of the Local Transport Plan 3 - Road Safety Strategy 2011-2026 the areas formerly known as Dorset County Council, Bournemouth Borough Council and the Borough of Poole agreed to set 10 and 15 year casualty reduction targets to 2020 and 2025. The targets, based against the 2005/9 KSI baseline average, are:

  • 40% reduction in the number of KSI casualties by 2020

The 2020 KSI target is 149.

Road Safety Plan

View the Dorset Council Road Casualty Reduction Plan.

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