A Speed Indicator Device (SID) is a temporary vehicle activated illuminated sign used by local communities to display vehicle speeds. SIDs help to raise driver awareness of local speed limits and are proven to reduce traffic speeds at appropriate locations.

Applying for a SID

We support local communities to own and use their own SIDs. SIDs can only be set up at locations approved and assessed by us. We also need to approve the make and model of the SID. An initial speed survey would need to be carried out at a cost of approx. £250 + VAT, to see whether a SID meets the required speed criteria.

SIDs should not be deployed permanently, but as directed by us as the Highway Authority. Deployment periods are currently for 4 to 6 weeks per site, with a limit of 3 sites per SID. 

SID costs

The cost of a SID is £2495 + VAT.

A budget SID is available at £2000 + VAT which has a smaller screen and limited functionality.

Additional costs include:

  • the SID can be modified to run on solar energy at a cost of £175 per post
  • installation costs for SID poles are between £300 and £500 (depending on location and health and safety requirements)

Contact us

If you represent a local Parish /Town Council or community organisation and would like to know more about the SID programme, please contact us on the details below.

Community Speed Indicator Device (SID) programme

Email: sids@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
Full contact details

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