If you want to hold an event on the public highway, you'll need to apply for the relevant traffic restrictions to safely accommodate your event. Restrictions can include:

  • road closure
  • reversal of one-way traffic flow
  • suspension of one-way street
  • parking restriction
  • revocation of an existing parking restriction or traffic order

'The highway' means a road or street, verge, footway or pavement, public footpath, bridleway, restricted byway or byway open to all traffic.

COVID-19 risk assessments

If you are organising an event where the public are invited to attend, you must carry out event specific risk assessments.

You'll need to submit the risk assessments to our Safety Advisory Group (SAG) along with the normal event management documents. The SAG can then advise us and you if the event complies with current regulations and guidance.

See Guidance for those organising an event on, or affecting the public highway in Dorset.

Types of events requiring traffic restrictions

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