Before installing a banner over the highway, you must apply for a licence.

Conditions of consent

  1. You should allow three calendar months for the application to be processed. This allows sufficient time for Highways Operations to obtain the necessary consent
  2. The Applicant must ensure that the supports for the banner are adequate
  3. The lowest point of the banner and catenaries (support wires) must be at least 5.5 metres (eighteen feet) above the road surface
  4. Erection and dismantling of the banner must be carried out by contractors who are qualified to do so
  5. You must supply a copy of your insurance policy confirming that public liability insurance is valid for the period of placement of the banner and to the minimum value of £5 million

Any proposals relating to decorative lighting or the proposed attachment of bunting or banners to street lighting columns should be discussed with Highways Operations first.

Fees and charges

It costs £42 per hour of staff time per application. There is no cost to charities.


  • Call 01305 224942 to pay by credit or debit card (all major credit/debit cards accepted)
  • Send a cheque or postal order. Make it payable to Dorset Council, and send to Highways Operations, Charminster Depot, Wanchard Lane, Dorchester, DT2 9RP (Please put your address on the reverse)

Apply for a banner over the highway

Applications must be submitted at least three months before the banner is due to be put up

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