What are the scheme objectives?

In simple terms they are to improve the environment and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians, including the elderly and disabled, while maintaining vehicular access and supporting economic prosperity.


One way streets and road closures

Is the one-way flow of High West Street still happening?

No, following extensive consultation engineers are now progressing the elements of DTEP that include the deferred maintenance and improvement works, plus some environmental enhancements, but not the one-way traffic in the High Street.

Great Western Road was due to close to through traffic in the original scheme, why is it being kept open?

The original scheme proposed a major gyratory system at Maumbury Junction, which would have been both very costly to build and environmentally damaging. Such a junction improvement would be necessary to deal with the diverted east-west traffic if Great Western Road were to be closed.

Restricted movements

Will you still be banning some left/right turns?

As the junctions are designed, it may be necessary to restrict some movements of vehicles so that the pedestrian facilities can be improved. Residents will be consulted on these decisions through the Traffic Regulation Order consultation process.

Parking and loading restrictions

Are loading and parking restrictions still planned?

Parking and loading will be reviewed as each of the new junctions is designed. Residents will be consulted on these decisions through the Traffic Regulation Order consultation process.

Air quality

Is the scheme still needed, because modern vehicles are becoming cleaner (less polluting) so the pollution problem will resolve itself?

Pollution reduction relates to just 1 of the 9 main aims of the scheme. If pollution were to reduce substantially as a result of cleaner vehicles, the scheme would still be needed. 

Will there be any monitoring to see what happens to the air quality once this new scheme is introduced?

Yes. West Dorset District Council has been monitoring levels of nitrogen dioxide in and around Dorchester for many years. This will continue and new monitoring locations may be added as the scheme is introduced. West Dorset District Council will report the data to Dorset County Council and members of the public annually.

Is there a possibility that the existing Air Quality Management Area will be revoked or reduced?

The air quality research carried out indicates a beneficial impact to the air quality within Dorchester. West Dorset District Council will continue to monitor the actual situation and revoke or reduce the Air Quality Management Area after sufficient monitoring has been taken place. 

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