Details of the current polling districts, polling places and polling stations within the Dorset Council Dorchester Poundbury ward, together with the comments of the (Acting) Returning Officer for the Parliamentary Constituencies of North Dorset, South Dorset and West Dorset.
Polling station Parliamentary constituency Polling place Polling district code and name Parish (parish ward) (Acting) Returning Officer's Comments
The Quiet Space, Poundbury  West Dorset The Quiet Space, Poundbury  DRP1 - Dorchester Poundbury Dorchester (Dorchester Poundbury) Previously was the Fire Station.  Issues with parking, lighting and access being impeded by voters regardless of signs. The Quiet Space has been used and no complaints received.  Accessible and parking available.  Formalise agreement.  Keep electorate under review. 
Brownsword Hall, Pummery Square, Poundbury West Dorset Brownsword Hall, Pummery Square, Poundbury DRP2 - Dorchester Poundbury Dorchester (Dorchester Poundbury) No comment.