If a property has a number, you can add a name to it without applying to us. This means:

  • the name is not part of the official address
  • you must still display the number and always use it in the address
  • you need to be careful that there is not a property with a similar name nearby

If you wish the name to form part of the official address, or the property doesn't have a number, you will need to apply to us. This means:

  • if you have a number, you must still display it and always use it in the address
  • we will make sure there are no properties with a similar name nearby
  • we will send approved changes to:

    • internal council departments
    • Royal Mail
    • certain statutory bodies
    • the Emergency Services

Apply now

To get your form to the right team, we will need the address of the property to have a name added or changed. You can select it by entering your postcode.


If you don't know the postcode, use this form

If you need a paper copy, contact us.

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