Public sector organisations in Dorset work together to make sure services are delivered through the efficient use of public land and buildings. This work is called the Joint Asset Management Programme in Dorset.

Aims of the work:

  • to ensure public property is used efficiently

  • to discuss where joint service provision can be delivered to benefit the public

  • to minimise costs in relation to property

  • to explore new ways of working together to reduce further costs

This means:

  • customers receive improved service

  • costs are reduced as organisations work together

  • public buildings become more flexible in their use

The organisations involved will:

  • continue to listen to community groups, elected members and voluntary sector organisations

  • work with each other to explore new areas that will reduce costs associated to public property

  • look toward other areas and adopt good ideas for the people in Dorset

Joint Asset Management Board

The Joint Asset Management Board meets six monthly.


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