The Residential Car Parking Study

The Residential Parking Study is based on research undertaken by a partnership between the council, WSP and Phil Jones Associates. It seeks to ensure that parking provision in new residential developments, both market and affordable, is designed to meet expected demand in such a way as to ensure the most efficient use of space and the best urban design.

The study has been prepared as evidence to inform the preparation of the Local Development Framework (LDF) Plan Documents being progressed by Local Planning Authorities. As such, it is a higher-level set of documents, of far greater detail and complexity than the LDF documents that will eventually be brought forward by each Local Planning Authority.

  • volume 1 - this document describes the parking standards for new residential development throughout Dorset
  • volume 2 - this document contains detailed information on the methodology used to obtain the data on which the standards are based
  • volume 3 - this document contains details of the survey sites used to provide the information upon which the standards have been formulated
  • parking calculator - an excel-based calculator that will assist in the design of good residential layouts

Non-residential Parking Guidance

This gives the suggested car and cycle parking guidelines that will meet the likely and operational requirements of various establishments and business uses.

The figures should be interpreted as an initial, pragmatic, county-wide guide (excluding Poole and Bournemouth). The specific level of parking provision included in any development proposal should be agreed through joint discussions between the Local Highway Authority, Local Planning Authority, the developer and their consultants.

Download an information sheet on the non-residential Parking Guidance.

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