Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest. They have character which is desirable to preserve or enhance. There are 15 conservation areas, including most of Weymouth Town Centre.

Designation lets us to exercise greater control over new development. It also allows more control over other matters that affect the environment, including:

  • the demolition of buildings
  • the lopping, topping or felling of trees

When we designate a conservation area, we consider:

  • the individual and groups of buildings
  • their surrounding landscape setting
  • the relationship of buildings to natural features such as rivers and streams
  • the presence of:
    • lanes
    • tracks
    • walls
    • trees

In conservation areas, we use sensitive development control to protect and preserve the character and ambience of the areas and all the individual elements. For example:

  • buildings
  • trees
  • open spaces
  • viewpoints
  • other features that contribute to the quality of the environment

We also take positive steps to enhance the area by:

  • preparing and implementing schemes for landscaping and visual improvement
  • seeking to remove features that detract from the character and appearance of the area

Supplementary planning guidance - listed buildings

We have produced the  Supplementary Planning Guidance 2: Listed Building and Conservation Areas (SPG2). It gives advice on the production of design statements.

Our  Supplementary Planning Guidance 3: Urban Design (SPG3) document has an urban design checklist that incorporates:

  • character
  • continuity and enclosure
  • quality of the public realm
  • ease of movement
  • legibility
  • adaptability
  • diversity

A character appraisal of each conservation area is available in the  Policies Maps Background Document.

Weymouth Town Centre Conservation Area Character Appraisal

In December 2012, we adopted the Weymouth Town Centre Conservation Area Character Appraisal. The document supports conservation area policies in the Weymouth & Portland Local Plan (Adopted 2005). The appraisal includes two maps:

Conservation Areas - Portland

In November 2014, we adopted the  appraisal of the conservation areas Grove, Easton, Reforne, Straits, Wakeham, Underhill and Weston of Portland. We also approved changes to the appraisal in March 2017. The appraisal supports conservation area policies in the West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland Local Plan (adopted October 2015). 

The Connaught Road conservation area

In June 2001, we designated the Connaught Rd conservation area.  See the description of the conservation area.

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