The Council have produced a range of advice and guidance notes covering conservation and design issues for the East Dorset area.

Landscape character assessment

The Landscape Character Assessment identifies the unique character areas and associated characteristic features within East Dorset:

It helps to inform the planning authority when considering proposals for development and also provides an evidence base for emerging landscape policies in the Local Development Framework and, in due course, as a basis for more specific Supplementary Planning Documents. 

The assessment has been prepared with Dorset County Council as part of a county-wide initiative aimed at improving understanding and appreciation of the varied Dorset landscape. It uses a standard approach based upon current national guidance from Natural England in order to achieve consistency across the county and across England as a whole.

East Dorset Countryside Design Summary

We have prepared the East Dorset Countryside Design Summary (CDS):

It provides important design guidance for anyone intending to build in the countryside or villages of east Dorset. It aims to safeguard local character and promote higher standards of building design. The document highlights the diverse character and distinctiveness of buildings and settlements and how they relate to their landscape settings. It also includes design criteria that need to be taken into account and advises on local materials and building traditions. The Countryside Design Summary has been adopted as supplementary planning guidance, and may be taken into account in deciding planning applications. Copies can also be seen at the council offices, and are on sale (£10 including postage and packaging).

Landscaping and planting

We provide landscape advice for applicants and their agents and have published guidance for landscaping new residential areas. The following has been adopted as supplementary planning guidance:

We have also undertaken landscape character assessments, ranging from individual sites to large geographical areas.

Special Character Areas

A number of residential areas within the district known as Special Character Areas, have been identified in the Local Plan as having a distinctive character and sense of place. These established areas have a mature quality and identity that sets them apart from the urban environment as a whole. We have produced the following supplementary planning guidance:

The guidance provide designs frameworks to ensure that the district's distinctive residential areas can be maintained whilst at the same time addressing Development Plan policy and government density objectives.

Unlike Listed buildings and Conservation Areas, which are subject to national statutory legislation, planning control within Special Character Areas is determined by the policies contained in the Local Plan.

Supplementary Design Criteria - CABE 'Building for Life'

East Dorset District Council adopted the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) 'Building for Life' criteria as Supplementary Planning Guidance in May 2009. This is a national standard comprising 20 criteria for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods which planning applications are expected to demonstrate if they are to meet approval by the authority. The criteria are supplementary to the East Dorset Local Plan design policies.

The 'Building for Life' criteria can be viewed on the CABE website.

Other advice and guidance

Nature conservation advice and guidance for developers is also available for those interested in the planning application and related processes.

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