The Sturminster Newton Town Design Statement (TDS) was prepared by the Matrix Partnership under the management of SturQuest, the town's local community partnership. It was adopted by the council as a supplementary planning document (SPD) on 25 July 2008.

 The TDS can be downloaded in full, but as it is a large document, it is also available in sections:

Sturminster Newton Town Design Statement (TDS) Full Document
Sturminster Newton TDS Cover and Contents
Map Based Evidence
Elevation and Sections Studies
Character Areas
Design Guidelines, Conclusions and Appendix
Consultation Statement

The TDS itself identifies a number of character areas within the town and sets out 'design guidelines' for development that will be taken into consideration when planning decisions are made.

As part of the SPD process we were also required to carry out a Sustainability Appraisal of the TDS to assess the likely impacts of the proposed policies against a series of social, economic and environmental criteria.

In addition to the TDS a design and development brief for the regeneration of the Station Road and Creamery area of the town was also produced. This sets out the principles of development in design terms that the local community are seeking in any development proposal for the site.

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