The Child Okeford Village Design Statement (VDS) was prepared by a team of local people working together with the district council. It was adopted as a supplementary planning document (SPD) on 30 November 2007.

The VDS is supplementary to the existing Local Plan and, as an SPD, forms part of our Local Development Framework (LDF).

The VDS describes the character of the village and its landscape setting. It also sets out a number of guidelines for future building and development (Section 8) and sets out a series of recommendations (Section 10), which need to be taken into account when decisions are made on planning applications affecting the village.

Child Okeford Full Village Design Statement
Sections 1 and 2
Section 3 and 4
Sections 5 to 11
Consultation Statement
Summary of main issues raised
Guidelines and Recommendations

We are required to carry out a Sustainability Appraisal of each SPD produced, assessing the likely impacts of the proposed policies against a series of social, economic and environmental criteria. 

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