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Motcombe Neighbourhood Plan

The Motcombe Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Dorset Council for examination in March 2019. 

At the examination, an independent examiner reviewed the plan and made recommendations in accordance with the 2011 Localism Act and related regulations.  In particular, the examiner considered whether the plan meets certain basic conditions, satisfies legal requirements, and identifies an appropriate area for a referendum.

The basic conditions, which are set out in the legislation, are intended to ensure that neighbourhood plans are compatible with their wider context.  The plan must:

  • have regard to national planning policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State;
  • contribute to achieving sustainable development;
  • be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan for the area (the North Dorset Local Plan); and,
  • be compatible with EU obligations and human rights requirements

If the neighbourhood plan is approved following examination, and subsequently supported by a local referendum, it will become part of the development plan for Dorset and its policies will be used to make decisions on relevant planning applications in Motcombe alongside other appropriate policies within the remainder of the development plan.

Plan examination

The submitted plan, supporting documents, and all representations received during the 6-week consultation period were sent to an Independent Examiner (Mr David Kaiserman BA DipTP MRTPI).  He concluded that provided the recommended modifications are made, the plan would meet the basic conditions.  He therefore recommends that the plan, as modified, should proceed to referendum.

Consultation on the Submitted Plan

As the local planning authority, Dorset Council was required to consult on the plan proposals before the examination takes place. This consultation took place for six weeks from Friday 12 April to Friday 24 May 2019.  The responses received during this period are below.

Representations received to the submission draft Motcombe Neighbourhood Plan

Responses Table
 Document Reference Response
 MOT01  Ian Bailey
 MOT02  Highways Agency
 MOT03  Cranborne Chase AONB
 MOT04  Gillian Blows
 MOT05  Christopher Blows
 MOT06  Sarah Lloyd
 MOT07  Markus Lloyd
 MOT08  Jacqueline Collis
 MOT09  Nigel Collis
 MOT10  Edward Coney
 MOT11  Diane Coney
 MOT12  Andrew Prosser
 MOT13  Susan Prosser
 MOT14  Alastair Nye
 MOT15  Wyatt Homes
 MOT16  Mr & Mrs Jobling
 MOT17  Victoria Madel
 MOT18  Chris Madel
 MOT19  Neal Hutchinson
 MOT20  Kay Hutchinson
 MOT21  Charles Hutchinson
 MOT22  John Heenan
 MOT23  Karen Harvey
 MOT24  Emma French
 MOT25  David French
 MOT26  Richard Barford
 MOT27  Christine Barford
 MOT28  Muriel Walters
 MOT29  Amanda Lucas
 MOT30  Samuel Lucas
 MOT31  Harriet Lucas
 MOT32  Christopher Percival
 MOT33  Leslie Turner
 MOT34  Kim Christopher
 MOT35  Eric Powell
 MOT36  Sylvia Curbishley
 MOT37  Susan Curbishley
 MOT38  Lynn Stoneham
 MOT39  Doreen Stoneham
 MOT40  Stanley Wilson
 MOT41  Christine Wilson
 MOT42  Alannah Carey Bates
 MOT43  Simon Whelan
 MOT44  Ann Bayfield
 MOT45  Alan Bayfield
 MOT46  Janice Heyes
 MOT47  Edward Hunter
 MOT48  Eloise Collis Hunter
 MOT49  Ian Bailey
 MOT50  Jane Bailey
 MOT51  Rupert Lawson-Tancred
 MOT52  Caroline Clark
 MOT53  Mr & Mrs Hurd
 MOT54  Alan Cluett
 MOT55  Helen Cluett
 MOT56  Freddie Hutchinson
 MOT57  Dorset Council
MOT58  Symonds & Sampson LLP

Dorset Council received a late submission from Symonds & Sampson LLP (MOT58) which the Examiner has accepted and can be found in the table above.

Submission Documents

Supporting Evidence

Other Background Documents

Also referenced (but not available online):

  • A Motcombe Miscellany by Laurence Clark (Hobnob Press, 2012)

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