East Dorset District Council commissioned a Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) in partnership with other adjoining authorities. The study meets the requirements of Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25).

The SFRA assesses all forms of flood risk and has been prepared to provide information and advice in relation to land allocations and development control.

The purpose of the SFRA is to:

  • Inform sustainability appraisals so that flood risk is taken into account when considering options in the preparation of strategic land use policies
  • Propose appropriate policy recommendations for the management of flood risk within Local Development Documents
  • Determine the acceptability of flood risk in relation to emergency planning capability
  • Identify the level of detail required for future site-specific Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) that support planning applications

Government's Planning Policy Statement PPS25 recommends that Local Planning Authorities conduct SFRAs to contribute to sustainable development within their plans. The joint SFRA covers the catchments of the Avon and Stour rivers, plus a number of smaller streams and other watercourses, and considers flooding from all sources defined by PPS25. The final report and associated maps enable planners to make informed decisions regarding the most appropriate locations for new development and locations for the improvement of flood defences.

An Executive Summary, the joint SFRA report with appendices and maps specific to East Dorset can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page.

East Dorset, in partnership with Bournemouth, Christchurch, North Dorset and Salisbury Councils commissioned the SFRA from consultants Halcrow in July 2007.

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