Preparation of the adopted Waste Plan (2019) included the following stages of consultation on draft versions of the Plan.

Waste Plan issues consultation

The first stage of public consultation on the new Waste Plan took place from 19 December 2013 to 13 February 2014. The Waste Plan Issues Paper set out a number of issues the plan will need to address. Our newsletter provided a summary.

Fifty different people and organisations responded to the consultation. You can view the schedule of comments made to the consultation, along with our officer responses to each comment. The responses to the Waste Plan Issues Paper helped us to develop the Draft Waste Plan.

Draft Waste Plan (2015)

Consultation on the Draft Waste Plan took place from 15 July to 23 September 2015. The Plan included site options for locating new waste management facilities. It estimated how much waste we will produce up to 2031 and also included draft policies that will be used by the councils to decide on planning applications in the future.

Around 200 people and organisations commented on the draft plan. You can view a summary of the issues raised about each site option and our officer response. You can also view a report on the comments made on the text and policies of the Draft Waste Plan and our responses.

The site options included in the Plan are available to download:

Draft Waste Plan - Site Options Part 1

Draft Waste Plan - Site Options Part 2

Draft Waste Plan - Site Options Part 3 & Glossary

Draft Waste Plan Update (2016)

Consultation on the Draft Waste Plan Update 2016 - Additional and Emerging Waste Site Allocations took place from 26 May to 21 July 2016. The Plan contained six additional waste sites and, following further assessment work, a series of sixteen sites emerging as preferred sites for allocation in the final Waste Plan to address the key waste management needs that have been identified in the county. An update on permitted capacity for waste management facilities as well as our projections on how much waste we might produce was also included.

480 people and organisations commented. You can view a summary of the issues raised for each site and our responses, as well as a schedule of all comments received and our officer response.

Additional consultation on waste site options in Blandford and Purbeck (2017)

Three new sites were put forward following consultation on the draft Plan in 2016. These were two sites for possible locations for a waste management centre in Blandford and one for a possible location for managing residual (black bag) waste at Binnegar, near Wareham.

Consultation on these three sites took place from 23 February to 5 April 2017. Our newsletter gives a summary.

74 people and organisations commented. You can still view the consultation document. Site assessments for each site are also available on the portal under the Supporting Documents tab. You can view a summary of the issues raised and our officer response.

Waste Plan Pre-Submission Draft

The Waste Plan Pre-Submission Draft was published on 1 December 2017.

Insets 1-7, insets 8-13 and the appendices can be downloaded separately.

The Pre-Submission Draft set out the preferred strategy and sites for meeting Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole's waste management needs to 2033. 

People could comment on issues of legal compliance and whether the Plan was considered 'sound.' Consultation closed on 31 January 2018.

The Pre-Submission Draft, the representations received and the evidence base were then submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for independent examination on 29 March 2018. 

Modifications to the Waste Plan

The Plan was examined by Inspector Nicholas Palmer BA (Hons) BPI MRTPI, with hearing sessions taking place in June 2018. As a result of the examination process, a number of modifications were proposed to the Pre-Submission Draft Waste Plan that was submitted. Consultation on the proposed modifications closed on 15 October 2018.

You can view:

You can also download the modified Waste Plan to assist with reading:

WPSD-09 Modified Version of the Pre-Submission Draft Waste Plan_Chapters1-14

WPSD-09 Modified Version of the Pre-Submission Draft Waste Plan_Appendices

Evidence base

The Waste Plan is based on evidence of waste arisings and movements, the need for new facilities, a search for sites and various impact assessments. Sustainability appraisal and habitats regulations assessment are carried out at each stage. The full evidence base is available in the examination library.

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