Following a 'yes' vote in the referendum on 13 February 2020, Dorset Council officially 'made' the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan on 5 May 2020.

Dorset Council has taken the decision to 'make' the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan (as modified in accordance with the Examiner's recommendations) part of the development plan for the Sutton Poyntz neighbourhood area. The Report to Council and the Adoption Decision Statement are available.

The Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood plan now forms part of the statutory development plan for use in planning decisions in the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Area, part of the area encompassed by Weymouth Town Council.

Neighbourhood Plan referendum

A referendum held on 13 February 2020 asked residents of Sutton Poyntz: "Do you want Dorset Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Sutton Poyntz to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?" 153 voted in favour and 34 against. The full referendum results are also now available.

The documents relating to the referendum are as follows and hard copies of the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan and supporting material can be viewed at County Hall, Dorchester.

The information available is:

Neighbourhood Plan examination

An independent examiner Mary O’Rourke was appointed after a decision to submit the Neighbourhood Plan for examination. Her examination report was released on 2 October 2019 with the recommendation that the Sutton Poyntz plan should, subject to modification, proceed to referendum.

Following the submission of the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan for examination, the examiner wrote to us and Weymouth Town Council on the 14 August 2019 to ask a number of questions. We supplied the examiner with two maps on the 15 August 2019 in response to the examiner's second and fourth questions. We subsequently wrote back to the examiner on 28 August 2019 in response to the examiner's remaining questions. Weymouth Town Council also supplied a supporting heritage assets report (Annex 6) in response to question 14. 

As part of her examination of the plan, the independent examiner has to consider whether the plan meets certain basic conditions and satisfies legal requirements.

The basic conditions are set out in the legislation, and are intended to ensure that neighbourhood plans fit within their wider context. The plan must:

  • have regard to national planning policies and guidance
  • contribute to achieving sustainable development
  • be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan i.e. the West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland Adopted Local Plan
  • be compatible with European Union law and human rights obligations
  • not breach the requirements of Chapter 8 of Part 6 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017

At the examination, an independent examiner will provide a review of the plan and make recommendations in accordance with the 2011 Localism Act and related regulations.

If the neighbourhood plan is approved following examination, and supported by a local referendum, it will be used to make decisions on planning applications.

Consultation on the Submitted Plan

As the local planning authority, the council is required to consult on the plan proposals before the examination takes place. The consultation process will run from 31 May until 12 July 2019. This is an opportunity for individuals and organisations to raise concerns they have about the plan with regard to the content and how it has been prepared. An independent examiner will be appointed and any concerns will be passed on to them for consideration as part of the examination process.

The Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan is available to read together with the supporting documents which are as follows:

A hard copy of the plan will be made available at County Hall, Dorchester. Weymouth Town Council has also made reference copies available at the Town Council Offices, Weymouth & Littlemoor Libraries and with the help of the Sutton Poyntz Society, the following community venues; the Springhead, the Mission Hall, St Andrews Church and the ex-BT Village Info/Book Exchange Kiosk.

The plan and the supporting documents can also be viewed on the Sutton Poyntz Society website. 

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