The 'Christchurch and East Dorset Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Core Strategy Pre-Submission' document was published for 6 weeks of public consultation between Monday 5 November and Friday 21 December 2012.

The document is still available to download, accompanied by a series of supporting documents:

Responses to the Consultation

The representations received during the consultation period can be viewed two ways:

Representations were accepted where they referred to the changes shown in the Schedule of Proposed Changes document or corresponding supporting documents.  All other policies in the Pre-Submission document were unchanged except for some minor textual changes such as typos which have not be consulted upon. Representations received after 21 December 2012 were not accepted.

Representations made during the previous Pre-Submission consultation will be forwarded to the Planning Inspector when the Core Strategy is formally submitted.

Why we consulted on Proposed Changes?

The Proposed Changes document was prepared following consultations at the Issues and Options Stage 2008, the Options for Consideration Stage during 2010/2011 and the Pre-Submission Stage 2012.  Comments received as part of these consultations informed the Proposed Changes to the Core Strategy document, as have changes to legislation following the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012.

The representations we received will be passed to a Government Planning Inspector with the submission documents. The Councils will not make a formal response to any comments at this stage. Consideration of the issues raised will be discussed at the Examination in Public (expected to be summer 2013) of the Core Strategy if required by the appointed Inspector.

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