The Core Strategy Options for Consideration 15 week consultation period ended on the 14 January 2011. The document can still be downloaded as a series of PDF files.

  1. Contents Page
  2. Chapter 1 Introduction and Chapter 2 Critical Issues, Problems and Challenges
  3. Chapter 3 Vision & Strategic Objectives
  4. Chapter 4 The Key Strategy
  5. Chapter 5 Christchurch and Highcliffe Centres
  6. Chapter 6 Christchurch Urban Extension
  7. Chapter 7 Bournemouth Airport & Business Parks
  8. Chapter 8 Wimborne and Colehill Housing and Town Centre Options
  9. Chapter 9 Corfe Mullen Housing and Centre Options
  10. Chapter 10 Ferndown and West Parley Housing and Town Centre Options
  11. Chapter 11 Verwood and West Moors Housing and Centre Options
  12. Chapter 12 Managing the Natural Environment
  13. Chapter 13 Creating High Quality and Distinctive Environments
  14. Chapter 14 Meeting Local Needs
  15. Chapter 15 Creating Prosperous Communities
  16. Chapter 16 Transport and Accessibility
  17. Chapter 17 Monitoring and Implementation

The consultation period closed on 14 January 2011.  Comments are available to view using our online consultation system.

A series of background documents, evidence studies and assessments were produced to inform the development of the Core Strategy Options for Consideration document.

In addition to the full document, leaflets were made available summarising the options proposed in particular areas, including Corfe Mullen housing, Ferndown and West Parley housing, Verwood and West Moors housing, Wimborne and Colehill housing, options for Christchurch and employment land options for East Dorset.

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