Projects undertaken on the County Farms Estate

As part of the management of County Farms Estate improvement and alteration works are carried out. Work can include providing additional cattle accommodation and slurry storage facilities.

Eastbrook Farm, Shillingstone

Eastbrook Farm extends to 56 hectares (ha) (139 acres) and is run as a stock farm. The existing farmhouse is located in the village of Shillingstone, which is proving problematic in the efficient running of the farm as the tenant and his family are not living on site.

A new farmhouse is being provided on the site and when complete the premises in the village, currently occupied by the tenants, will be sold creating a capital receipt for the council. The new farmhouse building will comprise four bedrooms, an open plan living area, farm office and utility areas. A covered parking area will also be provided together with a driveway. Internally there will be built in furniture in the kitchen and utility areas and an oil fire boiler will be provided.  Building materials include brickwork flint panel stonework and upvc windows and doors.  Work also allows for the provision of solar photovoltaic panels at a later date.

The new farmhouse is due to be completed in March 2017.

The project has been procured and project managed by Dorset Property.

Eastbrook Farm Construction Photograph

Knaveswell Farm

Roofing over the main cow yard in front of the cubicle house and extending the roofline over the existing parlour building.

Knaveswell Farm near Corfe Castle is 63 hectare (ha) holding situated on the south side of the Purbeck Hills and a few miles from Swanage. The farm runs a 100 cow dairy herd and a 'glamping' smart safari style camp site.

The main loafing area for cattle at Knaveswell Farm was a large open yard in front of a modern cubicle house. All rainfall on the yard drained to the adjacent slurry and dirty water compound. This significantly reduced the volume for storing slurry from the cow herd over the winter period.

Roofing over this yard between the cubicle house, young stock building and milking parlour has improved the welfare conditions for the cattle and reduced the unnecessary storage of rainfall into the slurry compound. This has improved the management opportunities by allowing the tenant only to irrigate the effluent at appropriate times, reducing the risk of pollution.

In addition, the new building has allowed the tenant to update the milking parlour by widening the pit and providing an undercover return passage for the cattle with improved handling facilities.

Completion date: June 2014

Hunt Corner Farm, Handley Common

The provision of a stock building which could be adapted for animals of different ages and sizes, in addition to providing straw storage and undercover feeding.

Hunt Corner Farm is an organic stock farm which extends to 56 hectares (ha) and was until a few years ago run as a dairy farm. The farm lacked a large building which could take the beef suckler herd and be adapted as necessary to take sheep and cattle of other ages. The building allows for all stock to feed along its east elevation and under cover. In addition, straw can be stored along the western passage.

A redundant building and silage clamp was demolished to make way for the new building, which was positioned adjacent to the slurry/manure compound to allow for efficient easy management.

The building is naturally light and airy and meets the demands now expected of up to date welfare and livestock accommodation.  As the building is over 40 metres long it has been constructed with a stepped roof to break the ridgeline so it settles more comfortably in the open chalk landscape of the area.

A footpath and bridleway run next to the site and a small copse and a few trees have been planted close by to soften the impact.  The farm is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the scheme has been designed in consultation with a farm building consultant and landscape adviser.

Completion date: October 2014

Lower Thurnwood Farm, Buckland Newton Estate

The provision of a new two storey extension to the existing farmhouse

Lower Thurnwood Farm extends to 96 hectares (239 acres) and is run as a dairy farm on the Buckland Newton Estate.

A two-storey extension is proposed to the front elevation of the farmhouse. This will increase the floor area of the kitchen and one bedroom. The project will also encompass internal layout alterations to install an upstairs shower room, and formation of a front porch area.  These works will improve the habitable space and create a more convenient environment for the current tenant occupiers to live and work in.

The project is being procured and project managed by Dorset Property.

Completion date: early summer 2017

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