Report dangerous structures including buildings, parts of buildings, garden walls and hoardings.

Before you start

We will require the following information:

  • the address of the dangerous structure
  • a description of what you consider to be dangerous and its position on the structure
  • any information known about the ownership of the structure
  • access details that might help us in dealing with the problem
  • your name and contact details if you want to be advised of any action taken (optional)

Report a dangerous structure

You can report a structure that poses an immediate threat to the public by phoning us.

During office hours

If you are calling during office hours you can ask to be transferred to Building Control who will deal with your report.

Out of office hours

If you are calling out of hours, when you call us you will be connected to the emergencies line automatically.

If there is imminent danger

Once contact has been made:

  • we will respond immediately to any report of a suspected dangerous structure
  • a Building Control surveyor will endeavour to arrive at the incident within two hours
  • we will assess the need for any urgent action needed on site

If the site is imminently dangerous, we attempt to contact the owner and give them the opportunity to have the danger removed themselves. If this is not possible we can take direct action and make arrangements to have the risk removed.

If there is no immediate danger

We will contact the owner of the building or structure and request that they remove the risk. If it is not resolved within a reasonable period we can get a court order that requires the owner to carry out the work.

If the owner fails to comply with the court order, we are able to undertake the works ourselves.


Costs of any work we undertake are recoverable from the property owner and may be registered as a charge on the local property register.

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