Parking charges

The standard pay and display parking charges apply to Blue Badge holders in car parks in the West Dorset area owned by Dorset Council.

Please ensure that a valid pay and display ticket is clearly displayed in your vehicle. A minimum tariff ticket must be purchased but one extra hour's free parking is given on top of the tariff paid for disabled badge holders' vehicles (this applies to all bays).

Where you can park

In car parks with marked parking bays, you must park your vehicle within the bay markings. The pay and display charges apply to each space which is fully or partly occupied by a vehicle. 

Some of our car parks have extra-wide designated 'disabled' parking spaces. Vehicles parked in 'disabled' spaces must have a valid blue badge clearly displayed, as well as a valid pay and display ticket.

You can't park on double yellow lines or on yellow hatched areas within the car parks.

Some spaces in our car parks are designated for use by other users (such as permit holders), or for use by specific types of vehicle (such as solo motorcycles). Blue badge holders can't park their vehicles in these spaces unless they also hold the relevant permit, or unless their vehicle is of the type for which that space has been reserved.

Car park map

Most council car parks in West Dorset have disabled parking bays. See our car parks map for further information.

Free permit eligibility

If you are a blue badge holder and receive one of the following allowances or supplements, you may apply for a free parking permit:

  1. enhanced rate of mobility component of the personal independence payment
  2. higher mobility allowance of the disability living allowance
  3. high rate attendance allowance (if over 65 years of age)
  4. low rate attendance allowance (if over 65 years of age) and are incapable of walking more than 30 metres (written statement required)
  5. war pensions mobility supplement

This will entitle you to 3 hours free parking in any car parking bay. Your disabled badge and clock must be displayed.

Apply for a permit

Apply for a disabled exemption parking permit. If your existing permit has expired, you will need to re-apply.

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