Nature Recovery Dorset

Dorset is known for its natural beauty and is home to lots of nature areas with a variety of wildlife. But over the years the amount and variety of wildlife has reduced and many areas for nature have been split up or lost.

Nature Recovery Dorset has been collectively created to allow everyone to join up across Dorset to help nature recover - making more, bigger, better and joined up spaces for nature across the county.

Making space for nature will also bring benefits to people, like:

  • flood protection
  • better water quality
  • heathy sustainable food
  • combatting climate change
  • providing physical and mental health benefits through access to more nature rich greenspaces

To help landowners, farmers, businesses, schools, organisations, local community groups and the public to work together, the Dorset Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS) acts as a framework to:

  • bring together and showcase the great things people are already doing for nature  
  • set Dorset’s nature recovery priorities
  • show opportunities where areas for nature can be created or improved
  • suggest activities to get involved to deliver more nature across Dorset    

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