Make the most of your days in the future. Learn how to make your money go further and plan for any times you need help and to pay for care.

Take steps to have more money for living your life

You can have more money for living now and in the future.

Check you get all the money you have a right to. Find out for free about what you can do about debt. And learn how to keep some money for your future.  

You can:

Work out how much money you will need to live well

Many people need to save more for the future.

An average Dorset earner needs twice as much as the state pension to live the life they are used to.

And if you do not qualify for financial support, you will have to pay for care too.

You can get ready and plan for your future by:

Work out how much care could cost and how to pay

Many people have to pay something towards their care. Paying for care means you get more choice over a carer or a care home.

If you pay for all your care yourself, it can cost £280 a week for 2 hours of homecare a day. If you need to go into a care home, costs per week in Dorset are more. It might cost £690 a week  – or more if you choose somewhere more luxurious.

You can get ready for when you need care by:

Choose what happens to your money for a time when you cannot

You can say what happens to your money if you fall ill, cannot make decisions, or die. You can then get on with life, knowing this is taken care of.

You can choose someone you know to manage your money when you cannot. Giving them power of attorney means your bills and care will be paid for whatever happens.

And you can decide who to leave your money to by making a will.

So be ready for whatever might happen by:

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